Data Visualization and Dashboards with R


Discover how to tell the story that lives in your data: using the most modern R tools for data visualization, learn how to build beautiful, effective and flexible plots. Then, step by step, discover how to embed visualizations and tables in a powerful Shinyapp, to make your data easily navigable and let their insights emerge.


This course is suitable for people that have some knowledge of R and would like to deepen their knowledge in data visualization with R, both static data visualization and dashboards.


8 attendees max.

Course organization

The first day opens with a brief review of the graphic environment in R and of standard plots. It will then present the ggplot grammar of graphics, a grammar for creating nice and beautiful graphs. First the tools for building the most important kinds of plot are provided: Scatter Plot, Line Plot, Histogram, Bar Plot, Box Plot, Surface Plot. Secondly the will course illustrate the advanced features of ggplot2 to deal with the most common plot customization questions: axes customisation, titles and legends, etc etc, as well as an overview of the ggplot family.

During the second day you will learn about dashboards and interactive graphics with Shiny. Once the basics to understand the structure of a shiny dashboard are introduced, using data provided by the instructor you will learn how to build a shiny dashboard from scratch. Step by step you will be adding complexity to your dashboard so that you can fully tell the story behind the data.


  • ggplot2 grammar
  • Creating plots with ggplot (Scatter Plot, Line Plot, Bar Plot, Histogram, Box Plot, Surface Plot)
  • Customizing Plots (aestethics, legend, axes, faceting and themes)
  • Specialised visualisation tools: ggmap and ggally
  • Basic shiny concepts
  • The structure of a shiny app Shiny: the server side and the user side
  • Understanding reactivity in shiny
  • An overview of html widgets


The cost of a 2 day course is 800 + VAT per person, which includes lunch, comprehensive course materials plus 1 hour of individual online post course support for each student within 30 days from course date.


We offer an academic discount for those engaged in full time studies or research and for private attendees. For them the cost of a 2-day course is 500 + VAT.



Date to be announced.


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