Data are becoming more and more central to people’s and companies’ lives. From information about production data, access logs for digital platforms to website or app statistics, from financial data to experiment results: a great number of companies, from all sectors, are learning how to collect and analyse data in order to increase their turnover, their efficiency and productivity.

We all know that data can be a real treasure in all sectors. Being able to collect and analyse data correctly means being able to make important decisions, enhance the company’s processes, develop better organisational models and improve their business models.

Quantide has been creating projects in cooperation with companies from all sectors, thus developing great expertise of data management and analysis in various domains, to help companies reach challenging goals and seize new opportunities.

Banking and Insurance

During the past ten years, Quantide has collaborated with several bask institutes on the development of

  • Operational risk AMA (Advanced Measurement Approach) models
  • Reputational risk models
  • Credit risk models
  • Risk models stress test and validation

Quantide contribution is twofold.
First of all, the development of ad hoc methodologies for theories and models: Quantide develops ad hoc mathematical models for banks and provides their specific implementation software. Secondly, the development and optimisation of codes used to perform calculation processes.


The statistical quality control is a well-rooted methodology in most manufacturing companies.
Quantide has offered its support for ad hoc methodology and technology development in complex analysis cases, where traditional software tools would not be suitable:

  • Control chart for rare events, design of non-constant variance experiments.
  • Technical development for the statistical control of high-frequency data
  • Software development for predictive maintenance algorithm
  • Multivariate capability analysis

In these cases, Quantide is in charge of the development of both suitable models for the specific situation, and of the software needed to use them. Quantide provides manufacturing companies with schedulable reports or interactive dashboards: on the report pages and dashboards, you can find an example of report about off-specs prices for a production process, together with an interactive control card.


Quantide helps pharmaceutical and biomedical companies in many ways, in particular for experiment planning, for the analysis of experimental results and researches on the marketing of medicines.

The type of support provided by Quantide is focused on both consultancy and training of internal resources for biostatistics activities in case-control studies, randomised studies and pharmacoepidemiology.

In addition, Quantide supports quality control processes in these domains.


Telecommunication companies rely on Quantide’s support to simulate rates: on the basis of different Customer behaviours, complex statistical models are developed to define the best offer in terms of rate plans.

Another activity Quantide is often in charge of is the creation of sophisticated alert mechanisms for telecommunication companies to identify and report in advance any Customer at risk of dropping out.


Quantide is specialised in supporting companies for the management of sales data, sales analysis and relations with Customers.

Companies often choose Quantide for their ability to analyse every single aspect of their product catalogue: what are the best-selling solutions, the best “next best offer” mechanism to propose to their Customers, how to make an estimate of future sales, analysing market cycles, identifying trends and optimising stocks.

Similarly, Quantide helps companies improve their assistance to their Customers through profiling activities. Thanks to Quantide, companies can analyse data and collect useful information about buyers’ behaviours, with regard to offers, in order to develop customised communication activities. Quantide’s Customers use data about visits to their websites, apps and digital platforms to make important business decisions. From CRM analysis to churn detection activities, Quantide can meet a wide range of needs of all companies having a huge amount of data at their disposal.