Statistics for Data Science with R


In this two-day course you will learn how to develop a wide variety of linear and generalized linear models with R. The course follows a step-by-step approach: starting from the simplest linear regression we will add complexity to the model up to the most sophisticated GLM, looking at the statistical theory along with its R implementation. Supported by plenty of examples, the course will give you a wide overview of the R capabilities to model and to make predictions.



Anyone who is already using R and wants to get an overview of statistical models with R. Some background in theoretical statistics and probability is required.

If you feel that your background is not solid enough, please consider to require the course Introduction to Statistical Models




4 attendees max.



Course organization

The first part of the course is focused on Linear Models: starting from t tests and Anova, we cover a wide variety of Regression Models, as Simple and Multiple Linear Regression and Polynomial Regression- We will also tackle special cases, such as models where intercept or slope vary according to a categorical variable.

The second part of the course covers the extension to Generalized Linear Models, such as modeling binary variables with logistic models, counting variables with poisson models and modeling with gamma variables. A last section briefly covers extra modeling expansions: tree models, quasi-poisson variables, negative binomial variables and other modeling extensions.

The course is focused on both the implementation of the models and on theoretical sessions.




  • t-test
  • Linear, Polynomial and Multiple Regression
  • More Complex Linear Models
  • Introduction to GLM
  • Logistic Regression
  • Poisson Dep. Var. Regression
  • Gamma Dep. Var. Regression
  • Check of models assumptions
  • Brief outlines of GAM, Mixed Models, Neural Networks, Tree-based Modelling



The cost of a 2 day course is 800 + VAT per person, which includes lunch, comprehensive course materials plus 1 hour of individual online post course support for each student within 30 days from course date.


We offer an academic discount for those engaged in full time studies or research and for private attendees. For them the cost of a 2-day course is 500 + VAT.



January 30-31



Corso Italia, 85
20025 Legnano (MI)



Enrico Pegoraro
Enrico Pegoraro works in R training and consulting activities, with a special focus on Six Sigma, industrial statistical analysis and corporate training courses. Enrico graduated in Statistics from the University of Padua.
He has taught statistical models and R for hundreds of hours during specialized and applied courses, in universities, masters and companies.