R live class | Professional R Programming | Nov 29-30 Milan

If you wish to move forward from being a R user to become a R developer, it is time to take your programming skills to the next level. This course will give you an inner perspective of R working mechanisms, as well as tools for addressing your code's issues and to make it more efficient. Once these concepts are established, as whether you work alone or in team it is very important that your code is reproducibile, you will learn how to create R packages and use them as the fundamental unit of reproducible R code. read more

R live class | R with Database and Big Data | Nov 21-22 Milan

R with Database and Big Data, our fifth autumnal class, presents the latest techniques to work with big data within the R environment. The large amount of data available nowadays is a tangled and hidden source of knowledge: being able to quickly and effectively unravel high value information from the vastness of data is the most powerful driver for success in this modern competitive market. Join us in Milan, 21-22 November. read more

R live class | Data Visualization and Dashboard with R | Nov 7-8 Milan

Discover how to tell the story that lives in your data: using the most modern R tools for data visualization, learn how to build beautiful, effective and flexible plots. Then, step by step, discover how to embed visualizations and tables in a powerful Shinyapp, to make your data easily navigable and let their insights emerge . Join the fourth course of our term: Data Visualization and Dashboard with R, in November 7-8 read more

R live class | Machine Learning with R | Oct 25-26

If you want to find the structure hidden behind your data, this is right class for you: you will learn how to group similar observations using Clustering; how to “naturally” aggregate your variables using Dimensionality Reduction; how to predict outcomes using Regression and Classification (LMs, GLMs, Trees, Random forests, Neural networks). In other words, you will get a full-immersion in the Data Mining and the Machine Learning world, using R. Our third live class in Milan, on October 25-26 read more

R live class | R for Data Science | Oct 4-5 Milan

R for Data Science is our first course of the autumn term. It takes place in October 4-5 in a location close to Milano Lima. If you want to deepen your data analysis knowledge using the most modern R tools, or you want to figure out if R is the right solution for you, this is the your class. This course is for people that are willing to learn about R and would like to get an overview of its capabilities for data science. read more

New R Live Courses in Milan! Autumn term calendar

Starting from October, our new live R courses are available to everyone! We have updated them to the latest R functionalities and organized them to ideally form a complete data science path with R: either you seek R introduction or R developer tools, statistical models or Big Data, Shiny dashboards or Machine learning techniques, we bet that we have a course for it. read more

Building views with R

In database theory, a view is a table that actively depend on a data frame and on a query on it, so that if you change something in the data frame, the view will change accordingly. To have something similar to a view in R here we propose the ‘%>>%’ operator, friendly to use and coherent with dplyr structure read more

Multilabel classification with neuralnet package

Some time ago I wrote an article on how to use a simple neural network in R with the neuralnet package to tackle a regression task. A few weeks ago, however, I was asked how to use the neuralnet package for making a multilabel classifier. I wrote a quick script as an example and thought I could write a short article on it, furthermore I think a classification tutorial using the neuralnet package could be complementary to the one I did on regression. read more

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