R for Data Science


If you want to deepen your data analysis knowledge using the most modern R tools, or you want to grasp if R is the right solution for you, this is the right class. The topics range from the first R session to data manipulation, visualization and discovery, from data import and export to data modelling and data mining: a wide overview of R as a data science tool.


This course is for people that are willing to learn about R and would like to get an overview of its capabilities for data science or those that have very little knowledge of R. Just bring your laptop and we will do the rest.



4 attendees max.

Course organization

The first day of this course will introduce you to the R environment. First, you will learn how to install and manage R, Rstudio and R packages and how to efficiently navigate among the wide variety of online R resources. Moreover you will learn about rmarkdown and how to easily create reports. This introductory part will be followed by a description of the various types of R objects. The first day will close with an exhaustive exploration of data import techniques.

The second day is an introduction to the three main assets of data science: data manipulation, data visualization and data modelling. More in detail, you will learn about operations to be made on a single table, such as filtering, selecting and arranging, as well as on multiple tables, you will learn about efficient and beautiful data visualization with R in order to get a better grasp of your data, and last an introduction to data analysis and models is provided.


  • A bit of R history and online resources
  • R and R-Studio installation and configuration
  • Your first R session
  • Your first R markdown document
  • R objects: data and functions
  • Data import from external sources: excel and database connection
  • Data manipulation with tidyverse
  • Tidy data with tidyr
  • Data visualization using ggplot
  • An overview of statistical models and data mining with R


The cost of a 2 day course is 800 + VAT per person, which includes lunch, comprehensive course materials plus 1 hour of individual online post course support for each student within 30 days from course date.


We offer an academic discount for those engaged in full time studies or research and for private attendees. For them the cost of 2-day course is 500 + VAT.



January 23-24


Corso Italia, 85
20025 Legnano (MI)


Andrea Spanò
Andrea Spanò is an Rstudio certificated instructor who has worked as an R trainer and consultant for over 20 years. Andrea graduated in Statistics from the University of Siena and obtained a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics at the University College of London. He runs Quantide consulting firm and teaches at Luiss University post grad course on Big Data Management