Companies required more and more often high level solutions for the implementation of data analysis tasks.
The rising of the big data framework has furthermore increased the need for highly performing and scalable computing environment.
In house hardware and software set up may represent serious technical constraints and a cost-demanding task.

By using modern cloud infrastructures, Quantide can offer a rapid set up and deployment of high performance, distributed and scalable on demand computing environment.

Quantide can set up and maintain cloud custom Unix servers for data science development. Servers can be set up with:

  • R and R-studio server as high performance parallel computing environment
  • Distributed computing environment based on R on top of Hadoop and Spark
  • Shiny server for web-based dashboard development powered by R

Quantide can offer from

  • Multiple CPUs, high RAM single servers
  • Cluster of R servers for parallel computation
  • Scalable infrastructure for distributed computation

Solutions developed by Quantide are characterised by high levels of customisation and flexibility: get in touch with our Company to find out how we can help you meet your statistics needs.