Introduction to Statistical Models with R


This course is an Introduction to Statistical Models, in particular to the basic Descriptive and Inferential Statistics.


This course is recommended for who want to attend “Statistical Models with R” course, but it is also suitable for who want to learn more about Descriptive and Inferential Statistics basic concepts.



6 attendees max


Course organization

The first part of the course focuses on Descriptive Statistics. Data Scale Types and Descriptive Statistical Indices are treated.

The second part of the course is an introduction to Inferential Statistics basic concepts, starting from Statistical Distributions, dIscrete and continue, to Statistical Tests as Z-test, Student’s t-test, ANOVA and Chi-Squared test.



  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Distributions
  • Anova
  • Tests


The course costs euro 400 + VAT


For those who choose to attend Statistical Models with R course and Introduction to Statistical Models course, the cost will be euro 200 + VAT.

If you wish to attend both the courses, write us at to get a discount code.


Next session will be in Spring, the dates will be available soon, for any further information you can contact us here.


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Enrico Pegoraro
Enrico Pegoraro works in R training and consulting activities, with a special focus on Six Sigma, industrial statistical analysis and corporate training courses. Enrico graduated in Statistics from the University of Padua.
He has taught statistical models and R for hundreds of hours during specialized and applied courses, in universities, masters and companies.