Andrea Spanò

Founder and Managing Director – Project Manager

Andrea graduated in Statistics from the University of Siena and obtained a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics at the University College of London.
After his graduation, he worked in Great Britain for five years, firstly in the field of Statistics applied to Quality Control and experiment planning and later in the area of Computational Statistics.
In 2000 Andrea came back to Italy to lead numerous projects related to the integration of large databases with Data Mining and Statistical Analysis systems.

Enrico Pegoraro

Senior Statistician – Project Manager

Enrico graduated in Statistics from the University of Padua and after his graduation he worked on statistical software localization projects for about four years. At the same time, he was involved in training and consulting activities in the statistical and IT sectors, teaching for hundreds of hours during specialized and applied courses.
He actively participated in integration projects of complex information systems for the development of automated statistical forecasting systems in various fields. He has valuable experience working in companies, but he has also contributed to regional projects in the health sector, participating in health surveys and publications in the medical field.
He is currently working on Six Sigma, optimization and automation matters in the corporate sector, industrial statistical analyses and corporate training courses.


Anna Longari

Senior Statistician – Project Manager

Anna graduated in Mathematics from the University of Milan with a thesis on the Pattern Mathematical Theory.
After her graduation worked in the field of Statistical and Mathematical Modelling and Data Mining. In particular, her experience cover data analysis at various levels, forecasting on demand planning, clustering, customer satisfaction, fraud detection and design and implementation of custom products and core prediction engine.
In addition to Statistical Mathematics expertise, Anna has extensive experience in the design and construction of databases and in use of statistical and mathematical software, more.

Nicola Sturaro

IT & Marketing Specialist – Training Area Manager

Nicola graduated in Statistics for Economics, Business and Finance from the University of Padua in 2009 with a dissertation on the reconciliation of economic time series.
His scientific background is complemented by a good knowledge of various statistical and data management software tools.
He has good web-oriented skills, both technicians and communication skills.

Veronica Bigliani

Senior Statistician

Veronica graduated in Mathematics from the University of Milan in 1999 with a dissertation on the characterization of multifractal in series high frequency.
After her graduation worked in the field of Statistical and Mathematical Modelling and Data Mining with particular attention to data analysis and data mining, to the design and development of custom products for data management, reporting and forecasting.
In these years, Veronica has also gained good experience in the use of the most important statistical software and in the design and maintenance of databases.

Mariachiara Fortuna

Communication & Training Specialist

Mariachiara graduated in Statistics from the University of Milano-Bicocca with a dissertation on fractal nature of temperature time series. From her graduation, Mariachiara has been working as a freelencer statistician and data analyst with several companies. She is specialized in linking statistics, marketing and communication.

Andrea Melloncelli

IT & Training Specialist

Andrea is graduated in Physics from Università Degli Studi Di Milano with a dissertation on universality and specificity in human communication dynamic performed analyzing a social network with big data tools.

Andrea is an active and a motivated data scientist researcher focusing on big data technologies for the R environments.

Andrea has a solid experience in R, C, C++ and python programming and development along with extensive skills in unix system management, IT automation tools, cloud technologies, big-data platforms such as Hadoop & Spark.

Veronica Giro

Junior Statistician

Veronica graduated in Statistical Sciences at the University of Padua in 2015 with a thesis on the simulation of counterfactual scenarios about the relationship between interest rate and US real estate market.
She started working recently in quantide, as her first job.
She would like to improve her skills in the fields of statistic and IT.

External Consultants

Enrico Tonini

Junior Statistician

Enrico got a PhD in Statistics in 2013 with a dissertation on profile monitoring control charts.
After that he has been working for Quantide for almost one year. Now he is working as a freelance statistician mainly in the medical and management engineering fields.