Free-licensing approach

We are specialized in R, a free software for statistical purposes: everyone can download it for free, install it on an unlimited number of computers and update it whenever he wants. Thanks to R, you can say goodbye to expensive licenses costs.

Easy to integrate

We work with R because it is an open source software: it means that everybody is allowed to improve its code and to develop new features. That’s why a huge number of integrations with data analysis or data management systems are already available: whether you need to integrate R with Oracle, SAS, SPSS or QlikView, you can do it.

Big-data compliant

R is born to be a powerful and versatile tool to work on every type of data, on every infrastructure. Thanks to R, we realize projects with big data, with NoSQL databases, distributed file systems and technologies like Spark. Choosing R, a company projects itself in the future of business intelligence.

Best cost-effective tool

Our customers know that R is the best cost-effective tool: thanks to its free and open source approach, a lot of features are already developed and ready to use. In other words, if you have a need about data science and you are looking for a solution, it most likely already exists and you can start using it instantly, for free.

Infinitely wide variety of statistical solutions

From machine learning to interactive dashboards, until the most complex statistical models for data mining or big data: discover the amazing number and variety of solutions that the R community has developed and made available for free. We will support you in choosing the best solution, personalising and integrating it in your processes.

Infinitely customizable

As most companies know, a traditional data science software cannot be easily edited to fit their needs. Thanks to its open source approach, R and all the solutions developed with it are freely downloadable and editable: it means that we can customize the code as needed, and sew it like a dress around your business.

It brings the state of the art research to the world in real time

Did you know that the statistical research is more and more developed with R? Innovation comes through here. In other words, if you are thinking about an issue or a need, it most likely has already been examined in some university around the world, brilliantly solved with R and it is ready to be used by Quantide for you.

Used by the leading data solutions providers

The most respected and influential tech companies around the world use R, thus contributing to its growth and success for some time: R has been integrated in the services or products by Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP; as well as the giants of the Silicon Valley (like Google or Facebook) process their users’ data with solutions based on R.

Used by the best universities around the world

Did you know R is one of the most popular programming languages in these years? Thanks to its growth, the R software is used, improved and empowered day by day: that’s why it is rapidly becoming the de facto worldwide standard and default tool for statistical purposes in the academic environment.