Professional R Programming


If you wish to move forward from being a R user to become a R developer, it is time to take your programming skills to the next level. This course will give you an inner perspective of R working mechanisms, as well as tools for addressing your code’s issues and to make it more efficient. Once these concepts are established, as whether you work alone or in team it is very important that your code is reproducible, you will learn how to create R packages and use them as the fundamental unit of reproducible R code.


This course is suitable for people with a solid R knowledge and that want to boost their programming skills.


8 attendees max.

Course organization

During the first day you will quickly review the basic R objects followed by an explanation of more advanced R objects, such as environments, expression and calls. Functions objects along with their structures will then be analysed in details with a focus on code clarity and style. R as a functional programming language including the use of functionals and the purrr package will close the first day.

The second day will tackle many topics. You will learn how to exploit modern computer architecture by learning about parallel computation. Moreover you will learn about efficient programming tools: testing, debugging and profiling. The course closes up with the explanation of R packages as a unit of reproducible code where you can include documentation and tests.


  • How R works
  • Basic R objects
  • Advanced R objects
  • Functions and loops
  • Functionals
  • The purrr package
  • Code style and clarity
  • Profiling
  • Parallel computation
  • Testing and debugging
  • Documenting your code: rmarkdown
  • R packages


The cost of a 2 day course is 800 + VAT per person, which includes lunch, comprehensive course materials plus 1 hour of individual online post course support for each student within 30 days from course date.


We offer an academic discount for those engaged in full time studies or research and for private attendees. For them the cost of a 2-day course is 500 + VAT.



Date to be announced.


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20124 Milano


Andrea Spanò
Andrea Spanò is an Rstudio certificated instructor who has worked as an R trainer and consultant for over 20 years. Andrea graduated in Statistics from the University of Siena and obtained a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics at the University College of London. He runs Quantide consulting firm and teaches at Luiss University post grad course on Big Data Management