Data analysis

Unlock the potential of data and make your business stronger

Every company produces and gathers data. Our mission is making them valuable through our deep knowledge of statistical methodology.
Discover how Quantide’s Data Analysis approach is able to give you deeper insights about your business ecosystem.


Monitor your data and translate them into information

Squeezing useful decision-making information from your company’s data will certainly improve your business. With Quantide’s Reproducible Reporting activity you will have the chance to better measure your enterprise, take wiser decisions and save time avoiding repetitive tasks.


Visualize your information on powerful, interactive dashboards

If you need to look at your set of data-driven information from a new perspective, Quantide can be your solution. We develop web-based Business Discovery tools, tailored on your needs, to allow you to explore your data dynamically.

Advanced development

Improve your R development to the next level

Coding standards and functions change quickly. Is your R-based production system running a clean, maintainable and efficient code?Through Advanced Development skills, Quantide can improve the usability, efficiency and maintainability of your own R code.

Advanced analytics

Take your data knowledge to a whole new level

Quantide is specialized in advanced statistical solutions with every type of data. Big Data, currently on everyone’s lips, are also included. Our data modeling expertise allows you to optimize, discover and predict every kind of market.

IT for Data Analysis

Enhance, Develop and Take Care of your IT Environment

Quantide’s team deals everyday with Information Technologies for statistical purposes, developing strong and efficient solutions for its customers. With IT for data science, we set up and maintain your state-of-the-art virtual servers equipped with all the tools you need for developing your data-driven information. We are focused on our customers’ needs and to meet them we offer a wide range of IT products (standard R, R-Studio, Shiny). Set up the most advanced Hadoop and Spark data analysis environments.

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