Modern companies are leading actors in the generation of data, and modern managers can take a great advantage from their interpretation.
We developed an R-based method, which is able to provide fully customized reports on every company area, in a wide variety of business sectors, from quality control to risk management, ranging from finance to manufacturing.

With our reporting method, you can receive information from each hot spot of your company activities, such as:

  • Your sales and production data
  • Your industrial and quality control processes
  • The touchpoints with your customers and market (mail, website interaction…)
  • The big data that you host in your data system
  • Every other type of data you may imagine

Our method allows you to cross-integrate all this type of data to have the best report for your decision-making.
Everything easily, fully automatized, and with a determined schedule.

We work with any type of input data, and we can provide several types of output: from a PDF file to an html page, from an R-package to an interactive online dashboard that is updated in real time.

Furthermore, we can support your analyst team in developing new structures for your company reports, providing training and updating formation to the latest data science solutions.