A vitally important step of the translation of data to information is data visualization.
Often companies struggle with their data because they cannot visually organize them.
Indeed, it is hard and time-consuming to draw out information from a big and messy set of numbers, rows and lines.
That’s why companies often look for import their data to powerful, beautiful, interactive visual tools.

We can provide you a totally customized Business Discovery Tool: an interactive dashboard stitched on your needs, that you can use to identify opportunities and solve problems by visualizing data.

Using our dashboard, you can explore and query data following your own business questions, to visualize and discover news about the underlying patterns and relationships contained within the data.

The power of an R dashboard is that everything can be fully customized to your needs: every kind of statistical analysis, model or tools can be integrated in your dashboard.

Furthermore, it is compliant with big data and accessible from one to several users, without any licensing cost.