R live courses dates


As you know, R changes very quickly. 

So, with the same speed, we need to update our R courses, replace obsolete things, include recent R functionalities, keep into account the new frontiers that R has reached. 

We have just finished a global renewal of all our R live courses, just in time for the Autumn term. Here info, dates and topics: If you want an insight of a specific course or to book a seat, follow the link below.


General information

All our classes are R live courses of two days each. They offer various levels of complexity and each one focuses on a different aspect of R: all together, they ideally form a complete data science path with R.

All our courses are open to a maximum of six attendees, to guarantee a deep level of interaction between trainer and participants. All courses take place in a location in Milan city center (close to Milano Lima and Milano Centrale railway station). They’re all taught in Italian, while the materials are supplied in English.


Our R Live Courses



Data science with R | October 4 – 5

If you want to deepen your data analysis knowledge using the most modern R tools, or you want to grasp if R is the right solution for you, this is the right class.
The topics range from the first R session to data manipulation, visualization and discovery, from data import and export to data modelling and data mining: a wide overview of R as a data science tool, that takes into account all the news that the tidyverse led to the R world. Read more..


Locandina Statistics Data for ScienceStatistics for Data Science | October 11 – 12

This two-day course focuses on the use of statistical models with R and in general, the R capabilities to model and to make predictions. The course follows a step-by-step approach: starting from the simplest linear regression we will add complexity to the model up to the most sophisticated GLM, looking at the statistical theory along with its R implementation. Supported by plenty of examples, the course will give you a wide overview of the R capabilities to model and to make predictions, and it is particularly suited to PhD students and researchers. Read more..



Locandina Machine Learning with RMachine Learning with R | October 25 – 26

If you want to find the structure hidden behind your data, this is right class for you: you will learn how to group similar observations using Clustering; how to “naturally” aggregate your variables using Dimensionality Reduction; how to predict values using Regression and Classification techniques; how to find patterns on your data using Neural Networks. In other words, you will get a full-immersion in the Data Mining and the Machine Learning world, using R. We particularly thought this course for people dealing with BI tasks. Read more..


Locandina Data Viz _ Dashboard with R

Data visualization and dashboards with R | November 7 – 8

We expanded our Data visualization course to include a tool that we couldn’t ignore: Shiny! So now the class teaches both how to create beautiful plots and to develop interactive dashboards using R. In other words, this course teaches you how to tell the story that lives in your data: using the most modern R tools for data visualization, you will learn how to build effective and flexible plots. Then, step by step, you will discover how to embed viz and tables in a powerful Shinyapp, to make your data easily navigable and let their insights emerge. Read more..



Locandina R withDatabase and Big DataDatabase and Big Data with R | November 21 – 22

Another new R frontier that we couldn’t ignore! In this two-day class we collected everything you may need to use R with Databases and distributed infrastructure: from accessing databases and distributed systems to querying large amount of data using R. In other words, this course presents the latest techniques to work with Big Data within the R environment: manipulating, analyzing, visualizing big data structures that exceed the single computer capacity in a true R style, to unravel their hidden, valuable information. Read more..



Professional R ProgrammingProfessional R Programming | November 29 – 30

This course is suited for everyone that wants to master R at a professional level: from code efficiency to reproducibility, from testing to parallelization, here we put all the state-of-the-art methodologies to use R at its top capabilities. This course will give you an inner perspective of R working mechanisms, as well as tools for addressing your code’s issues and documenting it. Furthermore, you will learn how to create R packages and use them as the fundamental unit of reproducible R code. Read more..



Customized training

We offer a service of customized training, both in Italian or in English language. In case you need an in-site training, or you are interested in more than one R live courses, write us at training[at]quantide[dot]com. We can arrange together a tailor-made course, picking all the topics that are interesting for your organization and dropping the rest.

If you need further information, visit our website or contact us at training[at]quantide[dot]com. Any feedback is well accepted too!