Statistics for Data Science is our second course of the autumn term. It takes place in October 11-12 in Milano Lima.

In this two-day course you will learn how to develop a wide variety of linear and generalized linear models with R. The course follows a step-by-step approach: starting from the simplest linear regression we will add complexity to the model up to the most sophisticated GLM, looking at the statistical theory along with its R implementation. Supported by plenty of examples, the course will give you a wide overview of the R capabilities to model and to make predictions.

Statistics for Data Science Outlines

  • t-test, ANOVA
  • Linear, Polynomial and Multiple Regression
  • More Complex Linear Models
  • Generalized Linear Models
  • Logistic Regression
  • Poisson Dep. Var. Regression
  • Gamma Dep. Var. Regression
  • Check of models assumptions
  • Brief outlines of GAM, Mixed Models. Neural Networks, Tree-based Modelling


Statistics for Data Science is organized by the R training and consulting company Quantide and is taught in Italian, while all the course materials are in English.

The course is for max 6 attendees.


The course location is 550 mt. (7 minutes on walk) from Milano central station and just 77 mt. (1 minute on walk) from Lima subway station.


If you want to reserve a seat go to: FAQ, detailed program and tickets.

Other R courses | Autumn term

You can find an overview of all our courses here. Next dates will be:

  • October 25-26: Machine Learning with R. Find patterns in large data sets using the R tools for Dimensionality Reduction, Clustering, Classification and Prediction. Reserve now!
  • November 7-8: Data Visualization and Dashboard with R. Show the story behind your data: create beautiful effective visualizations and interactive Shiny dashboards. Reserve now!
  • November 21-22: R with Database and Big Data. From databases to distributed infrastructure, master the R techniques to handle and query Big Data. Reserve now!
  • November 29-30: Professional R Programming. Organise, document and test your code: write efficient functions, improve the code reproducibility and build R packages. Reserve now!

In case you are a group of people interested in more than one class, write us at training[at]quantide[dot]com! We can arrange together a tailor-made course, picking all the topics that are interesting for your organization and dropping the rest.